According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the total annual revenue in the teeth whitening industry topped $11 billion at the beginning of 2015, with $1.4 billion spent on teeth whitening products. These figures suggest a steady annual increase in the teeth whitening market industry, which is expected to continually climb over the next 10 years. So why are people willing to pay top dollar for a beautiful smile?

82% of Americans Notice a Remarkable Difference from In-Office Teeth Whitening Services
In January 2015, Americans paid an average of $600 per visit for in-office teeth whitening procedures, and approximately $35 for at-home kits. A survey concluded that over 82% of people that received in-office treatments noticed a considerable difference in their smile compared to the 63.8% of people that used whitening strips at home. Furthermore, nearly 20% of people claim to hide their smile during photos due to feeling embarrassed.

Additionally, statistics show that over 90% of adults believe that a healthy, white smile makes you look sexier and more appealing to the opposite sex, while over 70% believe that a person’s smile can be a deciding factor in career advancement. This may explain why so many people are willing to pay top dollar for in-office and over-the-counter whitening treatments.

Why In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments Work Better
So why do people feel that they get better results from an in-office whitening treatment than their at-home counterparts? This may be largely due to the chemical makeup and ingredients used between the two. Most in-office treatments contain approximately 30-40% hydrogen peroxide and about 35% carbamide peroxide while over-the-counter home treatments contain significantly less hydrogen peroxide (up to 10%), and surprisingly no carbamide peroxide is typically found.

While people may find more immediate results from in-office visits, the market shares for at-home whitening strips doesn’t appear to be seeing any negative results. For instance, the market share for Crest Whitestrip is nearly 60%, with Colgate trailing behind at nearly 30%.

Only 24% of orthodontists recommend teeth whitening treatments to their patients
While only about 24% of dentists recommend teeth whitening treatments to their patients, this doesn’t stop those actively seeking a healthier smile. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, nearly 90% of Americans request dental whitening procedures every year.

With so few dental practitioners recommending teeth whitening treatments to their patients, this leaves a large market open to teeth whitening professionals. We know that a majority of the country considers a beautiful smile an essential asset, with many people wanting to look their best for special occasions, career advancement opportunities, and everyday life.

The figures mentioned in this article may help teeth whitening professionals determine how to market their services in their area, construct a better business plan to advance their marketing and business goals, and improve their overall teeth whitening business. Over the next decade, statistical experts believe to see a steady growth in the number of people seeking out teeth whitening professionals, as well as an increase in the use of in-home whitening kits, so it’s easy to assume that teeth whitening providers will continue to prosper and grow over the years.