Everyone wants a healthy, white smile. However, on rare occasions, some people may take teeth whitening treatments too far which can lead to other dental health concerns, including teeth sensitivity. So how much is too much, and what can teeth whitening professionals do to help ensure their clients aren’t developing an addiction?

Tell-Tale Signs of Teeth Whitening Addiction
As professionals, we know how often a person should schedule their routine whitening treatment, as well as how often they should use at-home whitening kits. Part of our job is to not only help our customers feel more confident when they smile, but also to make sure they are maintaining a healthy white smile. There are a few tell-tale signs that whitening professionals should watch for to make sure their customers are not over-doing their whitening treatments.

Monitor the customer’s frequency to your office, salon, or spa. Additionally, monitor how often they request a teeth whitening treatment or purchase a take-home whitening kit. You may even consider using a software program that helps you track your clientele’s appointments and purchases to easily help you monitor their whitening activity.

Speak up if you suspect they are over-doing their treatments or scheduling a treatment too soon. Educate the customer on the benefits of whitening, but also on the risks they impose by whitening too much. Explain that too much bleaching may weaken the enamel of their teeth, soften any restoration procedures they may have had, and potentially aid in the development of tooth sensitivity.

Show them a shade guide to help you further drive the point home. Many customers believe that the whiter their teeth are, the better and may not realize that if their teeth are too white, it will look unnatural. Showing them the shade guide and how you determine when they’ve achieved their perfect, white smile can further help them learn what is appropriate for their individual needs.

Make it a team effort when giving advice to your customers about how their smile looks. It often takes more than one person’s opinion to convince someone that they’ve achieved success or to change a particular mindset. Discuss with your office personnel the benefits of working as a team to encourage your customers to receive teeth whitening treatments, as well as to give advice and recommendations to those they feel may be developing an addiction.

Teeth whitening addictions are a rare, yet serious concern throughout the whitening industry. In many cases, our clients aren’t even aware that they are developing an addiction or the harmful effects that too much whitening can cause. As professionals, we want to encourage our clients to schedule teeth whitening treatment appointments with us, or purchase the take-home kits that we provide, however it is also part of our job to ensure that our customers are keeping their teeth healthy throughout their bleaching experience. To do this, we must become educators, and educate our clients of the risks associated with too much bleaching, how white their individual smile should naturally be, as well as how often they should schedule or use whitening products and services.