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The teeth whitening industry has a market of $11 billion annually

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The polls are in and show that most people believe a beautiful white smile leads to a more prosperous life socially and professionally

Percent of adults who believe an attractive smile is more appealing to the opposite gender


Percent of adults who noticed a difference from in-office teeth whitening procedure


Percent of adults who believe an unattractive smile can limit their chance for career success


Latest Teeth Whitening Industry News

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Teeth Whitening Services Can Increase Your Revenue

Whether your company solely focuses on in-office whitening treatments, or your salon or spa is just beginning to offer these services, providing teeth whitening products and services to your customers can greatly increase your profit […]

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Teeth Whitening Industry’s Annual Revenue in 2015 Totals $11 Billion

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the total annual revenue in the teeth whitening industry topped $11 billion at the beginning of 2015, with $1.4 billion spent on teeth whitening products. These figures […]

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Teeth Whitening – How Much Is Too Much?

Everyone wants a healthy, white smile. However, on rare occasions, some people may take teeth whitening treatments too far which can lead to other dental health concerns, including teeth sensitivity. So how much is too […]

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